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get your $100’s course free now! Course 1, Chapter 2

Prof. Rushwan’s Courses on Amazon, get your $100’s course free now! Course 1, Chapter 2 The International Technology Bank Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs ISBN-13 978-0-9737536-0-8 EAN

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دانا خريشي

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افتراضي get your $100’s course free now! Course 1, Chapter 2

Prof. Rushwan’s Courses on Amazon, get your 0’s course free now! course 1, Chapter 2

The International Technology Bank

Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs
ISBN-13 978-0-9737536-0-8
EAN 9780973753608
Prof. Rushwan Techno-Business Courses, course 1, Chapter 2
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"Search every field for a solution."
I prefer the use of categories instead of brands because brands are ever changing and also service type instead of Internet links for the same reason, and I'm sure the reader is able to get results using Internet search engines.
I found a hint for my automotive internal engine treatment in an anti-roach paint. The other hint from a pizza conveyor process and most important hint was from a very experienced mechanic who showed me a self lubricating alloy parts during engine re-building. Get as much theoretical information from University sources, Internet and supplier advice, but never substitute getting down on your knees with hands on experienced to see how the actual thing is really working. In the end I offered the first Canadian formula for Engine treatment that coats the internal moving parts Teflon/PTFE/HR7 or any other needed Dry lubricant as Graphite for example. The result is engine can run with no oil for a considerable period without burning or seizing. Also longer engine life and less fuel consumption, it started with only two foreign suppliers for the engine treatment. My company was the third in the international market and the first in the nation “Canada”, now and after 10 years there are more than 50 competitors, who was talking about patent protection, we'll talk about it in part 4 of this book.

Draw/design and look at it from different views

Associate drawing with your thinking, Hang a picture of your designed prospective product in the front of your in your favorite place. You’ll be surprised when you come at it from different angle, and find a key solution. Looking at angles is what makes you different than others before you. Different angles is what made inventions from unrelated origins, curved boats from a tree and wireless radio from wire transmission!

"Start again with the needs"
your 0’s course free now! 9ory-com_158356860830311.jpg
The Edge between hot selling items and slow selling items, is people's needs, not only new inventions like laptops and Internet phones are hot items. Seasonal products become hot items before every season. Also plywood before hurricanes and even flags before festivals, I can go on for ever.......It's the people’s needs, and in many cases it goes without a product or an idea that can cover this need. These needs are a main source for innovation, As you can see, innovation is more complicated than politics. In politics you only need to observe few politicians here and there then study their surrounding lobbying groups. Besides a few other small factors to predict the decision, they will offer up to their poor voters which are promises they will break next. On the other hand innovation is watching the whole public needs in certain aspect, politicians never do....This is why I always say, Innovator is an angel of mercy.
Example of how to turn these words into action, is how to turn slow moving, low price and less demanded items into hot, higher price and demanded product. Shoe inserts, don't laugh, are a 99 cents product many thought extinct, No one needs them any more with $100+ shoes including air pads and synthetic rubber, who needs a shoe insert? Well what about fluid filled pads, or weight distribution small pillows or even an elastic rubberized massaging magnet as the one I've invented? Now some shoe inserts are as expansive as the shoe itself, simply responding to the people's need to get a familiarized insert even with different shoes. An insert that can be made economical and as comfortable as expensive shoes or better was a needed, but it was not a trend simply because common solutions were not spreading yet.
When I shared the previous idea of utilizing humble used machines for regular products to produce hot innovative items in response to public needs on my consulting site, many Technopreneurs responded well:
your 0’s course free now! 9ory-com_158356847774191.jpg
A lollipop using Garcinia cambogia extract for appetite suppressant and a diet using the same strategy for Ginseng, Blackseed and HGH "Human Growth Hormone" Candy/gum and even capsules.
An old bolt casting machine now produces Magnetic Oil Pan Bolts for safer long time vehicle storage.
A landscape Metal marker manufacturer who lost market to the new fluorescent Plastic now uses the same product with double height and triple the price to arrest natural arcs for Ginseng farmers. It improves the nitrogen content of the forest soil.

An overstocked, very cheap under 1mw laser pointer turned into a soft-air pistol laser switch just by adding another cheap, but sturdy pressure switch. The price times 10 yet still cheaper than market price with the option to improve to under 5mw.
A Classic Pottery studio changed the clay and the kiln setting. So now it produces piezoelectric Ceramic for outdoor lighters.
Used muffler fixing equipment and second hand mill is now producing jets for hobby airplanes
A knitting machine from an Auction with weaving option and handmade foam casting box met the standards in manufacturing Life Jackets.
A great Food Garden Natural fertilizer "no animal liters" out of beach picked Kelp, Irish moss, sea lettuce, and other seaweed using the shrubs chopper.
Other operations used a kitchen dehydrator to produce dried kelp food supplement and Irish moss.

your 0’s course free now! 9ory-com_158356830388951.jpg

The International Technology bank
Uluslararas Teknoloji Bankas
بنك التقنيات الدولي
A Registered Trade Mark by RushStar Corporation - Canada
Established By Prof. Dr. Hamed A. M. Rushwan in 1986
Registered on the net Officially in 1995
Aims to give freedom to every Human to be himself and herself and having a better Control on their life Financially and Spiritually and more important personal life decision making
welcome to a new Era away from the old world control dinosaurs. welcome to: The International Technology bank.

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get your $100’s course free now! Course 1, Chapter 2

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